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Following the Recommendations that World Trade Organization Ministers adopted in December 1996 at their Singapore Conference in respect of Least-Developed and Net Food-Importing Developing Countries, members of the Food Aid Committee decided to open the Food Aid Convention, 1995 for renegotiation. The text of the new Food Aid Convention, 1999 was finalised on 13 April 1999 and brought into force on 1 July 1999, replacing the 1995 Convention. Letters between the IGC and WTO Secretariats about the outcome of the negotiations are included in the pdf download. The Food Aid Convention, 1999 remains a constituent instrument of the International Grains Agreement, 1995.

The Rules of Procedure under the Food Aid Convention, 1999 were adopted by the Food Aid Committee on 13 June 2000. They were amended by the Committee at its Ninety-second Session on 13 June 2005 (Rules 4, 9 and 10)), at its Ninety-fifth Session on 5 December 2006 (Rule 7) and at its One-hundredth Session on 5 June 2009 (Rule 6).

Last revised: Tuesday 28 July 2009

At the 106th session of the Food aid Committee members agreed not to extend the Food Aid Convention, 1999. Accordingly, this Convention expired on 30 June 2012. On 1st January 2013, a new Food Assistance Convention came into effect, details of which can be found at
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